About Me


My name is Keely, I am a mom to a first-grader, and work full time outside the home. I am committed to opting out of the industrial food supply to the extent practicable. Why a pickle farmer?  Our son Col LOVES pickles. We were buying pickles by the jar-full.  One day I realized that almost all store bought pickles are chock-full of yellow dye #5. We expanded our garden and started growing tons, and tons, and tons of cucumbers. We can more pickles each year than any other vegetable. I make pickles of several varieties, vinegar pickles, fermented pickles, sauerkraut (he loves that too), dilly beans, pickled beets etc. This year we raised chickens for both eggs and meat, and plan to continue doing so. I make most of our food from scratch and love to shop in my pantry instead of the store. I hope you enjoy my posts about our journey towards greater self-sufficiency.


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