Best Ever Real Food Honey-Squash Bread

No joke, I mixed up my usual recipe a bit (which has turned out kind of dry from time to time) and voila, best ever real food honey-squash bread. It was moist, delicious, chewy (well not really chewy but it has a perfect mouth-feel for a quick bread). What did I do different? Well for […]

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Haters, be very careful what you wish for.

With the recent measles outbreak, I don’t think any one could have missed all the anti-vaccination hatred flying around the internet at Mach-5. I have for the most part, stayed out of it. My son is fully vaccinated (with the exception of flu shots). So I don’t really have a dog in this fight. Except […]

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No-Knead Sourdough is our Sunday Bread

No-knead sourdough is my go-to bread. I bake a boule almost every Sunday.  For a while I was baking two or three loaves a week until Andrew and I decided that no one really needs to eat that much bread. Once a week is perfect. A still-warm fresh baked loaf with soup for dinner is […]

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Old-Lady Hen Soup with Homemade Noodles

My grandmother was world renowned for her chicken soup. Okay, I suppose that is an exaggeration, but she was famous in my world. My grandma was the quintessential Jewish grandmother. She always had a hot bowl of chicken soup with noodles (or rice, or kreplach, which I have never made but now all of a […]

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Apple Bourbon Manhattan with Real ‘Maraschino’ Cherries

Just in time for the holidays.   A nice holiday cocktail is a wonderful thing this time of year.   So many cocktails however rely on crappy mixers loaded with sugar, artificial colors, or worse.   In walks the apple bourbon manhattan.   Amazing I tell you. Its pretty dang easy to make too Just […]

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Whiskey or Bourbon? Either way add apple peels

Like most years, when autumn rolls around, I make and can applesauce to fill the pantry. This year the process was so much easier due an amazingly simple miracle device.  I would like to introduce you to my new apple peeler/slicer/corer. This peeler is made of metal, not plastic and is rock-solid. The peeler/slicer/corer made […]

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Real ‘Maraschino’ Cherries

Okay so Maraschino style cherries are gross, right?  Sweet, no flavor, scary red dye that is actually banned in many European countries.  You can read here about how Maraschino style cherries are made. This year I made the most incredible homemade Maraschino cherries.  These wonderful little red balls of flavor are definitely a cherry for […]

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