Sauerkraut and Kimchi Bites

I will admit it, I am a delinquent blogger. I had good intentions to keep up. If only you could see the list of blog posts I started and did not finish…lets see, ‘Green Beans Galore!’ is going on two years old, ‘Do You Ever Think About Soap?’ yup, last spring, ‘Christmas Eve Egg Nog’ […]

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Nicol’s Cherries

Nicol’s Cherries are an under-21 version of my Real ‘Maraschino’ Cherries. It just would not be right for the adults to enjoy a fancy cocktail with a cherry on top and none for the kids. I mean what kind of backwards world would that be? Kids LOVE cherries. Cherries atop 7-up, cherries in lemonade, and […]

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Real-Food ‘Kool-Aid’

My son loves junk food. Several times since the weather warmed up Col as asked me to make Kool-Aid. Sorry kid, not going to do it. Not only is the sugar atrocious, but kool-aid is way to artificial to make a showing in our house; The artificial colors and flavors, not good.  Col gets enough […]

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Vanilla-Maple Rhubarb Sauce

Seriously, I want to take a poll (you can comment below), do you like rhubarb sauce?  Do you know what it is?  How do you eat it? For the record, I love rhubarb sauce; I remember my mom cooking a pot of rhubarb every spring. We would eat the sauce plain, served as a side […]

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